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Join our Special Promotion Program and receive free and special music downloads.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Join our Special Promotion Program and receive free and special music downloads, the ones others can not enjoy, while you also help us promote our music!

Ulternix Records has designed this program to ease the process of promoting its artists by the help of their fans and listeners.

In this program, you can gather "Special Promotion Program Points" and later on you can convert your points into permanent download tickets of the special promotion program releases on your choice.

You can gather Special Promotion Program Points by

  • Recommending Ulternix Records to your friends by email
  • Registering the CDs you buy (yes! each CD carries a unique ID for this purpose)

and finally because of your help, you can

  • Convert your gathered points into permanent download tickets for download for the Special Promotion Program Releases, Absolutely FREE.
  • Enjoy the releases that are merely presented to the members of the program, just like our single, "Enchanting Girl".

Enchanting GirlJoin the Special Promotion Program and make "Enchanting Girl" yours FOR FREE!

Read more about to program....

Join the special promotion program now!

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