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Atlanteex Biography

>> The Sparkle Which Became A Flame
Movin´ Marty and Andy Matthew formed Atlanteex by presenting their first song, “Little Elli Is Breaking My Heart”, on Sep. 9, 2004.

>> Positive Feedbacks & Unauthorized Release
Although Atlanteex' first song had been presented in the 90’s Eurodance style but it was spread all over the internet in a very short time.
Soon after receiving many positive feedbacks from the listeners, on Sep. 25, 2004, Atlanteex noticed that their song had been published by some audio pirates in some CDs all over Europe, but as a song of a Russian band named “
Plazma”, instead of “Atlanteex”.
Plazma announced the truth quickly but this event proved the fact that Atlanteex’ music has outstanding potentialities to become very much successful, so Andy and Marty considered that incident as a promotion chance and made up their minds to improve their music and make it real big.

>> The 1st Official Release
Atlanteex officially released “Little Elli Is Breaking My Heart” on Mar. 27, 2005 via “Rotschelli Music” in Germany and the Atlanteex story started officially but Atlanteex looked for a much higher and harder aim, which was “to hit the dance charts”.

>>Updating the Musical Style
Atlanteex designed and developed their own musical style, which can be considered as a sub-genre of Trance and House music.
In Atlanteex’ musical formulation, the verses of the songs are presented on a different rhythm and at the same time with a Trance-based or House-based atmosphere. The verse rhythms resemble Ballads, Rock or Classical music but the main refrain of the song, on which the energy is maximized, is always presented on high-energy Trance or House background.
Atlanteex designed and developed their own chord sequences and method of progressions and the progressions on open and closed hi-hats in their songs have been specifically designed and developed by themselves and were unique of their kind.
Atlanteex used a simple philosophy in creating their songs. Although their songs are completely in-fashion and presented in a fully modern manner in dance music literature, but unlike many High-Energy dance tracks, Atlanteex' songs fully satisfy a "Home Listener", not just "Club Music Lovers", and that is one of the most important characteristics of Atlanteex' music formulation.

>> Producing the Album and the Single
Since 9 Sep 2004 till now, Atlanteex have been working hard on their album which is the result of
three years of non-stopping hard work and more than two decades of "flaming desire to make a dream come true", by Andy and Marty. Atlanteex are proud of their work and they strongly believe in their music.
Atlanteex have prepared everything to make their music hit the charts. They have an album ready which includes amazing hits in different generes including Electro House, Progressive House and Progressive Trance

Atlanteex Members

Stage Name: Movin' Marty
Tasks: Singing (all the vocals including the high-pitch choruses), Writing French Lyrics
Born: 1973
Nationality: Czech
Marital state: Single
Children: Not yet
Musical activities: 1989 – 1995 guitar player and lead singer in own heavy metal band called "Carrion"
  1998 – Winner of the weekly TV amateur singers show called Do-Re-Mi (with David Hassellhof´s song Hooked on a feeling)))
Spoken languages: English, German, French
Hobbies: Tennis, soccer and ice hockey.
Short Biography:


Movin´ Marty is the singer of the band and lives in the Czech Republic.
Since 1989 till 1995, he has been the guitar player and the leading singer in his own heavy metal band called “Carrion”.
In 1998 he was one of the winners of the weekly T.V. singers show called “Do-Re-Mi”, with David Hassellhof´s song “Hooked on a Feeling”, in the Czech Republic.
He has always had a great deal of interest in dance music and now by Atlanteex he has been able to fulfill his love in dance music as a strong singer, who is able to give lots of energy to the songs, while maintaining the beauty of the vocals.
He has outstanding vocal capabilities even for singing full-of-passion lyrics and also for singing with high pitch in English, German and French languages.
Marty is known in the Czech Republic because of his appearance as a singer in T.V. shows and now the Czech Republic is waiting anxiously to get familiar with his new career as a professional singer in a lovely dance project.
Stage Name: Andy Matthew
Tasks: Songwriting, Music composing, Arranging, Mixing and Mastering.
Born: 1980
Residence Place: Australia
Marital state: Married
Children: Not yet
Musical activities: Started learning music fundamentals at the age of 10. He has re-arranged almost all of the famous hits in Eurodance music history. In 2004, lunched a website (www.live-mt.com) to present his own songs and keep the memories of the 80's Eurodisco alive. He is the producer of Atlanteex and Vyck Vyo.
Spoken languages: English
Hobbies: Writing book (he's now working on his first book named "Lovers In The War"), watching T.V. and movies
Short Biography:


Andy Matthew, the songwriter and music composer of the band, is years old and lives in Australia.
Arround the age of 10, he was taught the fundamental theory of music and started his musical life. He has rearranged almost all of the famous songs of the Eurodance music history and knows the art of songwriting and arranging as if he has been born with them.
He has fully dedicated his life to music and as a computer science researcher, he has presented different watermarking methods for copyright protection of musical artworks.
His deep scientific knowledge in signal processing has made him a super audio engineer who knows how to bring the surface of subwoofers clearly and strongly in and out with nice voices!
His outstanding musical talent has empowered him to create music in different genres, from tough House and Trance tracks to nice and lovely Ballads and that’s why he’s involved in four different musical projects in addition to his most significant musical project, “Atlanteex”, for which he consumes his most energy and power.